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Thursday, 19-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rain drops falling...

so we raced boats...
i lost the first one.
so we raced again
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it was rainy and after a semi-long session of DDR, nicole and I decided we were hot and wanted to romp in the rain.

Thursday, 5-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

final product

Sunday, 30-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Senior Banquet and Prom pictures. you all best love me forever. it was a bitch to get all these pictures on here. and yes, i do have some doubles but that's cuz it was from 2 different cameras. so...disregard them. and I expect some of you other FC seniors to bum me some of ur pictures too!!!


Thursday, 1-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Updating. gimme a sec

Sunday, 28-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My First Road Trip

Here's our first gas stop...
It was such a dreary morning. the shape of S. America? Marianno says no.
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This weekend was exciting. I worked Friday and then afterwards I was supposed to hang out with Laura and Lee...but I heard nothing from them. So Nikki calls and tells me her bad day and we went and did some stuff and ended up at Denny's with Mimo and Marianno at 2 am. Somehow, some one suggests we go for a car ride.

That car ride landed us in Chicago (Normal, IL, to be exact) where it just so happens my friend, Jake, goes to school).

The car ride was an experience. It started between 3 and 4 am. I drove for a bit, we stopped and got gas (the first picture), Nikki was gonna drive but then a cop came. So, I drove a little longer and then noticed the cop followed us. Eventually, we got away and then pulled over with our flashers so Nikki could drive and BAM! a cop was there. We played it cool and we got back in the car and pretended to drive away...but as soon as he was out of site, we switched. I slept for a while until I was awaken by the rumble strips Nikki was hitting...humor. I slept more and woke up when Nikki pulled over into some rest area. We swtiched, went to McDonalds (thus more pictures), and that was pretty much the excitment of the trip up there. We thought we got lost a few times and bought some pop tarts...yea. So we get nearer and nearer...and yea. So we get there and everything is the "Normal something-or-other", like the Normal Public Library. It entertained us.

We didn't really do anything that night. Jake treated us to lunch, first of all. Me and Nikki bathed publicly, which was interesting. We went back to his dorm and...didn't really do anything. Went to the mall...drank a bit, played pool (marianno got pissed cuz he lost a game so he ran away for a bit and we didn't know where he was), drank more...walked around...tried to unsuccessfully find chics for Mimo and Marianno. Ate some Subway...uh...oh yea! There's a wall in the dorm about self hate...the two best quotes:

"The economy is bad because I touch myself at night."

"My priest fisted me."

Ok, anyhow...we played King's for a bit. I went to the bathroom afterwards and there were people having could have been one but I heard it. Ew. we watched part of Donnie Darko. Uh...we set two alarms for 5 so everyone could get home and to work on time....neither of them went off so we ended up waking up at 7. And yea...that's pretty much the end...on the way we saw some black guy with 5 bulletholes in his car (picture reference), we made my car go as fast as it would without maxing out (no picture...i took it with my phone and haven't uploaded it yet), a bunch of cows going to slaught...and yea...that's purdy much all.

Oh yea! Dairy Queen...we ate some ice cream and in the midst of our ice cream, this was Nikki and Mimos''s a couple.

Mimo:"look, stairs...let's go upstairs" (onto some electrical tower)
Laurel: "Go for it"
M: "Eh...there's a fence. It says electric"
Nikki:"It just means its an elctrical tower"
M:"hey...I might be Bulgarian but I know enough english not to climb over that fance..."

M:"What's popcorn shrimp?"
L:"It's like baby shrimp"
M:"hey...what if you waited nine months to have a shrimp and some hungry man came and ate him?"
L:"Shrimps have, like, 1000 babies."
M:"That's a lot of diapers to buy..."
N:"Shrimp don't wear diapers..."
M:"hey...where does it go then?"
L:"They have a vein in their back..."
M:"And people eat them?? hey...this is why I don't eat shrimp"
N:"But u ate Dolly, u lying bastard."
M:"It was a good story tho, no?"
N:"No, you shot her in the head and ate your sick cow!"
M:"She was suffering...we put her out of her misery."
N:"Oh, ok. Shooting her in the head was ok but eating her afterwards is just wrong."
(more unimportant talking)
M:"hey...imagine what it would look like if they used those things to electrocute them back to life...those paddles..."

It sucks to be home. We're going to New York next road trip. Just me and Nikki...cuz everyone else of our friends (exception of a few) thought we were opposed to everyone we talked to in IL and other various states who thought it was an awesome idea...we're going to the new chinese place to get food. Later.

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